University and design college students as well as recent graduates (since 2008) may participate / It is possible to participate individually or in teams / Each participant or group may present different projects.


Arts & Crafts

Sponsored by: Educa Borrás S.A. (

To design a game/toy for children from 4 to 7 years old, that allows them to do any activity related to  arts and crafts. That is, to create a product and its potential complements, with which you can perform tasks such as drawing, molding, decorating, creating, etc… A product that allows young children to obtain good and surprising results. The new game/ toy has to be innovative and sufficiently differentiated from the products that are currently available on the market.


1st place: 1.800€

2nd Place: 1.000€

The jury will be able to give a “honorable mention” to projects that are worthy of such a distinction. The projects selected will be granted a certificate, become part of a publication and an exhibition open to the public.


Registration deadline: May 23rd, 2011


The documents should be presented in Spanish, Valencian/Catalan or English.

  • Sworn statement that the project is original. Upload it in pdf format.
  • Copy of the academic year’s matriculation or a degree awarding diploma for the studies carried out (finished in 2008 or later)
  • 3 to 5 rendered images of the product in tiff files with a resolution of 300ppp.
  • Short video (approximately 3 minutes) of the designer explaining the workings and ways of using the product.
  • Two A4 panels with images of the product  that they clearly show how it is used.
  • Optional presentation of models.


Collection deadline: 30th of September 2011. If the models are not collected before the stated deadline, it is understood that the entrant gives up his/her project and so it will become the property of AIJU.


Recognised experts; professionals from the world of design as well as specialists in the industry / Specialists from AIJU’s different departments / People in charge of product development from the sponsoring company.


When entering a project, it is protected for one year all over Europe, according to Law 20/2003 on Legal Protection of Industrial Design.

The sponsor have the right to market the winner’s projects. If in the following two years after the winners are announced, the company hasn’t included the product into their catalogue and do not have interest to develop it, the designers have the right to develop it with other companies, but only after AIJU is informed about it.

If a company is interested in developing a project presented to the competition, AIJU will be able to help with possible contracts between the designers and the companies.

The sponsor will have priority in case that there are other companies interested in developing any project presented in its category.

The projects selected will be used in publications and exhibitions, always giving the designer’s name.


No project will be admitted outside the deadline indicated /The designs should be new and not have been presented to any other competition / The jury’s decisions will be final /If there is no project that reaches the level required, it may be possible to declare the prize void / Participation in this competition means accepting its terms and conditions fully.



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