7th Edition | 2011


   | 1st PLACE


Frankie, Paul and Philip
Wai Kin Wong
Tutor: Remi Leclerc
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Player can simply change the cam drive of gear box and the head of character toy to change rhythm and note respectively, so as to create a unique pattern of music. The product merges various types of game with a result that allows the child to build and develop certain skills, while creating music easily in an entertaining and surprising way. Watch video

   | 2nd PLACE

William Moncayo Castro
Universidad de Nariño, Colombia

Toys based on the formal and functional bionic of the squid that ejects ink when it feels threatened as a strategy to confuse the predator. Kids put a globe with the shape of a squid that allows them to use their fingers as a tool to draw and paint. Watch video


Albin Andersson
Cornell University, Ontario, Canadá

The idea of the toy is to provide the user with a playful and unrestricted way to create music without previous experience with instruments and tones. The idea is based on the sequencer technique used widely in computer based music, but converted into an interesting yet simple three-dimensional form. Create melodies and chords by connecting magnetic cubes to each other. Watch video


Ice Reefs
Yen Chiang
Tutor: Remi Leclerc
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Cornell University, Ontario, Canadá

Children fill coral reef moulds with water and dyes, freeze them to create ice reef pieces, and then slot the pieces together to form beautiful ice reefs. The ice reefs can be built indoors or outdoors, and on top of any media (eg. watercolour paper, snow) so that children are left with enduring impressions of their ice reefs after watching them melt. Watch video


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