6th Edition | 2010


   | 1st PLACE

Pook Launcher
Ali WU Ka Lai | Miles XU Dan Qing | Jean Christophe SCOLARI
Tutor: Remi Lelerc
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design’s Toy Design Lab

Pook Launcher is a game designed to be used outdoor, especially on the beach. The challenge in creating the Pook Launcher was to produce a non-sophisticated toy but with a strong entertaining potential. This recreational toy provides children the opportunity to use their visual-spatial skills, to compete, and to have fun. As it is designed to be played by several players it also improves children social skills or family bonds. Children can play it right away with no special training and parent can also teach their children to calculate the points. Watch the video

| 2nd PLACE

Ana Laura Ramírez Sánchez
Tutor: Olga Sanchez
Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Fly-Up is a game with 2 teams of 4 children, each team has a goalkeeper who plays using the  flystick and 3 players thathave to put the fly-V in their flystick porter, this is done through short passes between players in the field. The opposing team must intercept these passes so they get the fly-V to their goalkeeper who must catch the fly-V with the flystick to  score. Watch the video


Raúl Laurí Pla | Raquel Sarabia Martínez
Tutor: Carlos Manteca Molina
Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny d’Alcoi

Simple design that allows multiple possibilities to play. For example: DISBEES are launched, each child chooses a color, places it on the head and draw the ball. Everybody has to go away from the kid who got the red ball because he/she is going to catch them. They must be skilled not to drop the ball from their hats so they are disqualified. The last to be caught is the winner. The designers propose four possibilities for play, but there are more to be discovered. Inventing your own games with Disbee. Watch video

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   | 1st PLACE

Rita Hierbabuena
Sandra Herranz Pablo | Sara Gabarda Alegre
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Accessible doll for children between 3 and 8 years, based on a story that is presented together with the package. Body size is appropriate for the size of children’s hands. its light weight makes it easy to carry and manipulate it. Furthermore, the characteristics of this doll are emphasized through different senses. It features different textures, shapes, scents and colors. The clothes are designed to be placed very easily and to allow to combine the clothes by the smell as well as by its color. It is an accessible doll that is also functional and has aesthetic appeal. Watch video


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